Moving/removing walls, changing the project design, interior planning- all this you can do on your own, but is it really worth the effort? Doing it just for the sake of economy, won’t you regret your decission in the future ?. Contrary to appearances , taking into account today’s house/flat prices, technological support, a diverse range of finishing materials and furniture, it makes just a few percent more to hire the professional architect but can save you a lot of money spend in the future on improvements or overhaul repairs.

We specialize in project, architecture and interior design.. In our Job we use international experience gained in a lot of foreign contracts and the latest trends in interior design to offer You the most advanced and the best solutions in architecture and materials as well as technological domain. In our working process we use both traditional method and computer technology.

Interior decorating- when designing we carefully take your needs and preferences into consideration. Creating the space concepts we do not limit ourselves to just one style, we are also able to fit into and incorporate individual requirements. Discovering the interiors beauty and rooms shape and proportions we focus on creating fully functional, aesthetic and original spaces to achieve their owners’ satisfaction.

In ZKA Project studio we provide our services to: private, public and commercial interiors. The scope of our service, depending on the needs and requirements, includes project, arrangement or advice. Flexibility and individual approach to each challenge is of our highest priority . We prefer natural materials and always seek for proportions and adjustment, trying to avoid the exaggeration in designing. Timeless solutions are what we trying to achieve in our work.. We offer you our professional experience gained on numerous international contracts(Turkmenistan, Russia, UK, Romania) and beliefs. Our company is open to your ideas and discussion that makes our project interesting and distinct. The answer is obvious: let’s meet, talk and then You decide. Our offer includes: the complex project of interior design, The author's supervision and Project documentation over the realization,

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Prepared for publication by Maciej Matecki